Social Relations, Health Behaviors, and Health Outcomes: A Survey and Synthesis

Date Published: 
March 2013
Tay L, Tan K, Diener E, and Gonzalez E

This study examines the evidence of social relations and health. In particular, researchers look at how social interactions and support are relations to health behaviors and outcomes. Researchers found that social relations are beneficial for health behaviors such as decreased suicidal tendencies and chronic illness self-management. The review also outlines potential areas for future research, such as support-receiver interactions, observer ratings of social relations, and other dimensions of social relations.

Health Assets: 
Social Relations, Social Support
Health Conditions: 
Cancer, Chronic Disease, Chronic Disease (self-management), Decreased Suicidal Tendency
Positive Health Type: 
Other Factors: 
Diet, Exercise, Smoking, Alcohol Abuse