Optimism and Cardiovascular Health: Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA)

Date Published: 
January 2015
Hernandez, R, Kershaw, KN, Siddique, J, Boehm, JK, Kubzansky, L, Diuez-Roux, A, Ning, H, & Lloyd-Jones, DM

Researchers examined the association between optimism and cardiovascular health using data collected from the Multi-Ethic Study of Artherosclerosis (MESA). Participants scoring highest in optimism were more likely to have intermediate or ideal cardiovascular health when compared to the least optimistic group, although individual metrics of diet, physical activity, BMI, smoking, blood sugar, and total cholesterol contributed to the association.

Health Assets: 
Atherosclerosis and Calcification, Body Mass Index, Cardiovascular Health, Optimism, Physical Activity, Smoking Status
Health Conditions: 
Cardiovascular Health
Positive Health Type: 
Biological, Functional, Subjective