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May 14th, 2015
The U.S. Army Person-Event Data Environment: A Military-Civilian Big Data Enterprise
This report describes a groundbreaking military-civilian collaboration that benefits from an Army and Department of Defense (DoD big data business intelligence platform called the Person-Event Data Environment (PDE). The PDE - a consolidated data repository that contains unclassified but sensitive manpower, training, financial, health, and medical records covering U.S.
June 2014
Taking the tension out of hypertension: A prospective study of psychological well-being and hypertension
Previous studies have shown that psychological well being is associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, but whether well being might be specifically associated with reduced risk of hypertension has not been rigorously investigated in prospective studies. This study examined the prospective association between two measures of psychological well being and incident hypertension.
December 2013
The Online Social Self: An Open Vocabulary Approach to Personality
Researchers present a new open language analysis approach that identifies and visually summarizes the dominant naturally occurring words and phrases that most distinguished each Big 5 personality trait. Open-ended, data driven exploration of large datasets combined with established psychological theory and measures offers new tools to further understand the human psyche.